Xunrui Communication


VOTO is a global high-tech organization engaged in development of the best quality, best price smartphones and introducing them to the global market. Our target is to deliver our customers with the best user experience in terms of superior quality, latest and trendy design and the best features a smartphone can have.

Our network and partners are worldwide including China Domestic market in partner with CHINA MOBILE.

The brand was founded in 2007, manufactured by Xunrui Communication. The brand entered the telecommunication and consumer electronics industry with the introduction of feature phones in China.

Our expertise lies in the deadly combination of smart software and world class hardware, combining these two; we intend to bring the best smartphone to the market.

The History of VOTO

  • 2015 : International Partnership
  • 2014-2015 : We do maximum part of China Mobiles in 4G in our chipset
  • 2011-2012-2013 : Best partner with China Mobiles as well as overseas
  • 2010 : SMART PHONE R&D & Firmware Development
  • 2009 : Designer, slider, flip phone
  • 2008 : VOTO Stylish Mobile Phone
  • 2007 : VOTO CHINA

Vision and Mission

We have two factories with fully automated production lines with pre-manufacturing QC testing.

There are 30 SMT production lines and 60 assembly lines base with staff head of more than 2000. The production capacity can reach 3 million units per month. All the staff members have been professionally trained for the job.

We have advanced production and testing equipment from Japan, Europe and America, such as FUJI (XP Series, NXT Series SMT), MPM UP2000 printers, JT reflow oven, EL-EM5700N automatic sub-board machine, X-RAY, Paste thickness meter and so on. The latest being the series of automatic multi-function placement machine as well as ultra-high precision BGA chip with 0.3mm, with a 8-zone reflow hot air oven, automatic soldering paste printer.

We take international standards as the starting point and customers ‘demand as the fundamental.

We have our In-House Test Lab where we test 100% Quality under strict standard. Our all product passes strict quality standard for all weather, climate, physical location, movement. Few of the testing includes FOGG test, Dust-sand test, auto-software test, 4G bandwidth tester, Wi-Fi tester, body scratch test etc.

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